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Sato Hisanori a Day :)

His everyday smile makes me happy :)

Sato Hisanori a day
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Daily source of Sato Hisanori's pictures :)
This community is your daily source of Sato Hisanori's pictures :)

Sato Hisanori (佐藤永典) is a japanese actor. He was born in February 14th, 1990 in Saitama. He is most known for role Zaizen Hikaru from Prince of Tennis Musicals. He also played in Tsuki to Uso to Satsujin or Magdara na Maria.

This community is members only.
Feel free to join, enjoy and comment! :)
I have only two rules.
DON'T HOTLINK! Please, when you want to post some picture to your journal, then upload it on your own server :) And if you want to share some photos from Ii Kanji photobook, please credit, I put a lot of effort to scan it. Thank you :)
Maya :)